Tuesday, November 14, 2006


It's the holiday season whether I'm ready or not and I've got a load to do to get our online shop set up...
I ignored the law of gauge on a pair of socks.
Bad knitter.
: (

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The colors are going to change alot in the next few days 'cause I'm learnin' myself how to change things.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

This is my first post. Ever. Anywhere. I hope it works.

I've been knitting again since the spring. I once learned on a long road trip across the country but it didn't take. I think it's because one really shouldn't drive and knit and I did most of the driving. Notice I didn't say COULDN'T drive and knit. Anyway I decided to do an EZ seamless as my first sweater after seeing brooklyntweed's. I really like understanding how things are made so this method really appealed to me. After a couple of false starts that included an inadvertant mobius strip, (Quite nice it was) and an unfortunate twist of 188 stitches when I made the seamless hem, I was off and running and knitting round after round after round of stockinette. Stamina is all it takes.

I'm using Classic Elite Skye Tweed Color #1238. I'm not sure what the color name is, but it's a beautiful rust brown with flecks of yellow, red, orange, and even hot pink. I love the color and I really love the yarn. I got a gauge of 4.75 stitches on US 7's. I'm knitting with Addi Turbo circs and I love them. I'm a fairly tight knitter and these needles really let me loosen up. The sleeves are started on Clover bamboo dpns. I put a purl ridge as a fake seam and I'm increasing the sleeves with kfb 'cause I can better keep up with where I am.

It's good to know, too that if in the end the sweater doesn't fit (god forbid) I'll at least have a nice pair of gauntlets.

Looking forward to joining the sleeves to the body soon and finishing.

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Monday, October 30, 2006

Because sometimes, a swatch is enough...