Tuesday, October 31, 2006

This is my first post. Ever. Anywhere. I hope it works.

I've been knitting again since the spring. I once learned on a long road trip across the country but it didn't take. I think it's because one really shouldn't drive and knit and I did most of the driving. Notice I didn't say COULDN'T drive and knit. Anyway I decided to do an EZ seamless as my first sweater after seeing brooklyntweed's. I really like understanding how things are made so this method really appealed to me. After a couple of false starts that included an inadvertant mobius strip, (Quite nice it was) and an unfortunate twist of 188 stitches when I made the seamless hem, I was off and running and knitting round after round after round of stockinette. Stamina is all it takes.

I'm using Classic Elite Skye Tweed Color #1238. I'm not sure what the color name is, but it's a beautiful rust brown with flecks of yellow, red, orange, and even hot pink. I love the color and I really love the yarn. I got a gauge of 4.75 stitches on US 7's. I'm knitting with Addi Turbo circs and I love them. I'm a fairly tight knitter and these needles really let me loosen up. The sleeves are started on Clover bamboo dpns. I put a purl ridge as a fake seam and I'm increasing the sleeves with kfb 'cause I can better keep up with where I am.

It's good to know, too that if in the end the sweater doesn't fit (god forbid) I'll at least have a nice pair of gauntlets.

Looking forward to joining the sleeves to the body soon and finishing.

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Monday, October 30, 2006

Because sometimes, a swatch is enough...